Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Birthday Club Girls

Here's a picture of the famous Birthday Club Girls. We've been meeting every month (or every two months) for I believe over 13 years now. I started attending the dinners just after Sean was born. It started out as my mom's friends meeting for dinner every month and then the daughters started going and a tradition was born. Over the years we've seen each other go through ups & downs, engagements, marriages, babies, kids, family troubles and the passing of loved ones. These are the women I would call in a crisis and I know for a fact that they would swoop in, take charge, bring food and laughter and make everything all-right. We may not talk to each other every week, but we know that in a few weeks we'll be getting together for some laughs.

Last night we got together at Sisley's for some March cheer. Everyone wore some type of black clothing to mourn the passing of my "30's"!!

From the left: Jen P., Terri, Becky, Me, J-Lo, Bonnie P., Bonnie B., Phyllis
Front Row: Toni, Dobbin (not pictured - Krysty - we'll catch you next time)

Here's the scoop on each one:

Jen P. - She's expecting her FOURTH BOY in June! As expected, her life is crazy! We're afraid to ask if she's going to keep going until she get a girl. Can't wait to meet baby K in June.

Terri - The BEST sister in the world! She makes my day brighter just by hearing her voice.

Becky - Brand new mom to the cutest baby with the biggest cheeks (Sofia)! She's the "Queen" of her blog and for a sleep deprived woman she looks fabulous! I'm jealous that she looks this good after giving birth a couple of months ago.

J-Lo - Some of you might recognize her. She's Almost Famous. Yes, and she is that gorgeous in real life! Jen is also one of the craziest girls I know. Just when I think she can no longer shock me with her antics, she goes ahead & surpasses anything I've ever heard come out of her mouth. Last night this quote made me spit my drink out..."Stephan from Top Chef kinda makes my pee-pee tingle - in a good way"!

Bonnie P. - When you retire, you're life is supposed to slow down, right? Not according to Bonnie. She's the busiest person I know. She's also one of those people you meet and you feel like you've known them your entire life. She's fun, caring and has lived the most romantic love story that I've ever heard. It should be made into a Lifetime movie!

Bonnie B. - (a.k.a. Buckets - I don't even know why, but some people call her Buckets). She's J-lo & Becky's mom. Bonnie has traveled so much and has taken so many cruises, it's hard to keep track. She throws the best showers and cookie swaps and is a great hostess. Bonnie gave my mom a flowering tree when she had her heart surgery eight years ago. It's planted in my backyard and it's known as "the Grandma tree". Every year when it blooms, I think of my mom and Bonnie's family and I'm thankful that my mom made it through her surgery.

Phyllis - I've known Phyllis since I was 10 years old. She's old friends with my mom and I worked my very first job with Phyllis' mom, LaVerne. Phyllis is a hoot! She's always up for a card game, or a trip to Vegas. The best is playing Bingo with Phyllis. She can watch six bingo sheets, carry on a conversation, rip open pull tabs, and eat a sandwich all at the same time. She's amazing!

Toni - Toni is also a long time friend of my parents. She is one of the nicest people I know. She never seems to stress about anything and she has a peaceful, "zen-like" quality to her. She makes beautiful scrapbooks and can make gorgeous things out of junk (picture frames, furniture, etc.).

Dobbin - You can't help but fall in love with Dobbin. She is a positive, bubbly person that has an infectious laugh. She not afraid of anything and is always the life of the party! She doesn't sweat the small stuff and I wish that I could be more like her!

I'm honored to know each and every one of these ladies. We all have different personalities, but a common goal of trying to enjoy life while doing the best we can at holding it all together. Thanks, again girls for a fabulous dinner! See you next month.


jlo said...

What a great tribute!! I couldn't have said it better myself. And thanks for making me sound cuter and funnier than I am! :)

Terri said...

Hi Kath...Very nice blog!!!! I think everyone would be very please with their bio. Can I spread the word about your blog? You have such a great gift with your writting and pictures!

sburns said...

Hi Kathy. What a nice thing to do. You forgot to tell everyone how special you are and also one of the best Mom's I know! Thank you for the very special blog. I really enjoyed reading it.

Becky said...

Kathy-Loved this blog. The Birthday Group does have a lot of history together. You are right about us not talking all the time, but we would be there for each other in a pinch!! I think we should change the name to Birthday Family!! =) See you next month...Oh right I'm planning it..I better get on it!! hehe

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my gosh! I love these women! I love your Birthday club! I love that you make ordinary life special and exciting and you treasure your friendships! You are a blessing : ).