Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Break Wrap-up

Where did Spring Break go? It was over so fast (& we had 2 weeks off)! We didn't do anything spectacular, but we had a good time hanging out, running errands, being together, and all with NO HOMEWORK at the end of the day! I did have to work a few days, so maybe that's why it didn't feel like a "break".

Here's some of the things that we did......

We went to the movies.

We went kayaking. You can stop laughing now. Yes, I kayaked. It wasn't graceful, but I did it! I'm actually the proud owner of my very own kayak (thanks to a very generous Christmas present from Chris' parents - Thanks Chuck & Toni!)

Even Ginger got in on the act. She took turns riding with everyone, but she only laid down when she was on my kayak. Little does she know that out of the four of us, I'm the most likely one to fall in. Since that day, Toni bought Ginger her own doggy life-vest.

Brian went to the dentist for a filling, Sean got a hair cut, and then we met Aunt Terri at Chi Chi's for lunch.

We took a turn at bowling. Brian won all three games, Sean came in second and all I can say is "thank goodness for bumpers"!

We colored eggs at Dobbins house. She has a family tradition of dying eggs with flowers, onion skins, and tissue paper. The photo is blurry, but you can see the flower imprint. It's really a cool process. If I was more with it, I would have documented the process step by step. But.....I'll save it for next year.

We made cupcakes. Guess who licked the spoon after?

I was surprised that the boys still wanted to make sugar cookies. Most of the time, they cut out two shapes and then sneak away. This year they cut out two batches of cookie dough.

Easter celebration at my house. This is my nephew with the boys, coloring eggs.

Brian, can you breathe?

My nephews (J & R). If you're going on an egg hunt, you HAVE to wear bunny ears!

I guess we were busier than I thought. Happy Spring!


jlo said...

How long did it take you to upload all of those pictures? :) Loks like a great time! I'm sad spring break is over too!

Life with Kaishon said...

This looks like a PERFECT Easter break! I love it! Especially the kayak and the sugar cookies and the new haircuts....ok, I love it all : ). You are the coolest Mommy!

Jason, as himself said...

JLo tried to educate me on the glory of Chi Chi's restaurant (not chi chi's the breasts) but it didn't catch on. Probably because I am not a native.

Maybe I'll give it another shot. I just never, ever think to go there even though I drive past it a billion times a week.

Glad you had a great spring break!


rtondonkeykong said...

What up! Still love the blog babe! You were awesome on the kayake, you don't give yourself enough credit. Thanks for a great break.

Life with Kaishon said...

Are you still recovering? : )

Becky said...

Wow! What a fun-filled spring break. I loved having two weeks off with Sofia. Love the pictures. The one with Terri and the boys is a framer!! =)

Life with Kaishon said...

How are you KMilty? Hope your Mothers Day was happy!

jlo said...

Yawn...where ARE you?????