Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, Terri!!!!

Today is a special day!!! Not only is it St. Patrick's Day, but......

It's My Sister's Birthday!!!!

Terri is one of my most favorite people in the world! Even if we weren't sisters, I'd like to think that we'd still be friends. She's one of those people that NEVER lets you down and ALWAYS knows the right thing to say. Whenever I'm having a bad day (week or month) all I have to do is give Terri a call and she gets me laughing. I always feel better just hearing her voice. AND...nobody knows you the way your siblings do. That one person has known you for your entire life, experienced the same things growing up, and is privy to actions and humiliating moments that your parents, or spouses will never know about!!!

Just to tell you what a nice sister she is....when I graduated from high school, Terri paid my way to Hawaii. Air-fare and condo accommodations for two weeks!!! There were seven people on the trip so it wasn't like she needed me to keep her company. Think about it...I was 18, Terri was 21. What 21 year old girl will save for an entire year to take her bratty (& I was) sister to Hawaii??!!! Did I mention at the time that she had two jobs? Yep, styling hair Tuesday through Saturday and working at the local Hallmark store on Sunday & Mondays.

That's the kind of person she is!

At the time, I just thought, "Oh My God - Bitchin - Like Totally" ( it WAS the 80's), an adult, I realize how much she had to save up for and give up to give me that opportunity. Come to think of it...I really owe her one. We had a fabulous trip and memories to last a lifetime! I'll have to dig out the old photos to share.
Terri is also my biggest cheerleader. Whatever new venture I try, she's always tells me that I'd be great at it. Even when I'm convinced that my boys will be in therapy one day, she always tell me that I'm the best mom ever.

Terri is certainly a giver and she has tons of friends. She has been with us through life's ups & downs. And through it all, she was there lending a hand, lending an ear, sending a Hallmark card, and making us laugh! Terri has never asked for anything in return and only thinks of doing for others. Terri is a true friend to all that know her, but I'm the lucky one that gets to call her my sister.

I love you, Terri & Happy Birthday!!! May all of your birthday wishes come true!


jlo said...

What a perfect tribute. I kind of like her too! Can't wait to celebrate with you guys!!

Terri said...

WOW, Thanks Kath for the kind and loving words!! You made my day extra I have to go get some tissues and wipe my eyes. Love you very much.

Life with Kaishon said...

She sounds adorable! And I just think she is the coolest because she has freckles. Freckles are dazzling : ). Hope her Birthday is FANTASTIC!

Becky said...

Happy Birthday Terri!! Aren't sisters the best? I love the picture of her and Mike...Supermodel!!!